Luxury Items for the New Mom

I read an article about labour bag essentials, and it really got me to thinking of what I would need in my own bag when that day came for me. I was just at the beginning of my pregnancy when I had read about this necessity during labor, so I knew that I had time before I had to put together one for myself. I had seen movies where the husband had packed this particular bag, and while funny, I knew that I was not risking that for myself. I love my husband dearly, but I knew that he would have no part in packing the bag I would take to the hospital with me when the time came.

I was going to put my own bag together, but I came across a website one day that had a lot of interesting links on it for new moms to be. I definitely qualified for that, and I spent hours over the next several days looking at all the links. I ended up getting a few things, but the mother to be toiletries bag is perhaps my best purchase. When I read everything that comes in the bag, I knew I had to get it for myself.

It has everything I could need in it. It has maternity pads along with disposable nursing pads. There are plenty of both of those pads to get me through until I got home. There was also things that I knew would make me feel better after giving birth. There was a facial wash, moisturizer, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner from my favorite brand, a hair brush and bands, and so much more. It was really everything I would need to spoil myself after giving birth. To feel that kind of luxury after that kind of miracle is just what I needed, and I am so glad I got this.