I Found Sort of a Job

It is hardly the sort of job I was looking for or a normal sort of job at all. A friend of mine hooked it up for me, or to be clear I used to date her sister. At first I thought that I was sort of a babysitter, but it is not quite like that. They introduced me to this guy named Abe and made him hand over the keys to this beat up old pick up truck. He is about 67 I would guess and he seems to know all about AC installation in Brooklyn, aside from the part where they expect you to pay your taxes. Of course he seems to have a slight problem with drinking. He usually has a pint with Southern Comfort in it, and ever so often he will take a sip out of it. He never seems to be inebriated in any debilitating sense, although I would suspect he ends up that way after I let him off for the night.

The truck needed some work. I had to change the oil at once, he told me that he had not done it for awhile since he was only using it to drive around thirty miles a day at the most. I need it to keep moving, since if it goes out I am out a pretty sweet deal to be honest. All of this is off of the books, so he is paying me in an envelope full of twenty dollar bills and nothing is getting taken out for taxes or unemployment or any of that other stuff. He seems to overpay me for the most part and I tell him, but he does not care in the least. I have been working pretty hard for him and doing all his errands, but it is a good deal.