Working with My Husband Every Day at Our Company

My husband owned his own business when I met him. I had a job as well, but it was not my life calling. All I really wanted to be was a mom and a wife, and together we raised three beautiful children. I was feeling the empty nest syndrome after the last one got married and moved out, and my husband told me to come be a part of our business. I had never considered that because all I had was a high school diploma. He told me that I could take a Mini-MBA course online if that would make me feel more qualified.

He was humoring me, of course, but I saw the value in his suggestion. I knew that I did not want to go to school and get a degree in business like he had done, but I figured I could get a quick education on the basics of what I would need to know. He looked around at different online options, and the one he found for me has been such a tremendous help. I really like that a lot of their lessons and modules are videos, because I am a visual learner.

I don’t mind reading textbooks, but I knew that I would fare much better if I could learn the basics by watching a video instead. The videos were done very nicely too. They had the right amount of information pertaining to business concepts, and it was done in a way that made me want to learn more. I finished the course quickly, and I felt much better prepared to help my husband with the business he had made so successful. I knew that I would not handle clients at first, but I found my niche in handling the paperwork that used to overburden my husband. We have always made a great team, and I am so blessed to be working with him every day now too.